Paper Lanterns

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Week 1: Pop-Up Lantern

Author: Helen

Week 1 (September 20) Pop-Up Lantern: Pleat, cut and assemble this light-throwing lantern and explore a variety of ways to expand upon the pop-ups that cast light in interesting ways.

Week 4: Inflatable Egg

Author: Helen

This structure is created flat and then filled with air and inflated like a balloon. Yet unlike rubber balloons, this one can be partially filled and shaped, since the paper isn’t elastic and can hold its shape. Or, fill it with birdseed or rice to make a paperweight (or a sculpture that isn’t likely to be blown away or knocked over).

Week 5: Shadow Lantern

Author: Helen

In the 1640’s, a German priest living in Rome developed the magic lantern, which cast shadows from glass slides onto a screen, a precursor to modern cinema. This shadow lantern works on the same principle. A light source inside casts the shadow from a stencil onto a paper screen. And it’s reversible!

Week 6: Woven Paper Lantern

Author: Helen

Weaving paper is much faster than weaving cloth, and with so many decorative papers out there, it is both fun and easy to come up with a multitude of paper combinations. You’ll learn a woven paper hinge that completes the cylinder too!