Paper Illuminated: Innovative Structures Featuring Paper & Light

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Join me in creating five illuminated paper structures – four lamps & a folding screen that transforms into a lantern – in my first ever on-line class! During the six week in depth experience into illuminated paper, we will make five projects, the equivalent of a weeklong workshop with me in person. Work from the comfort of your own home or studio and create paper lights and share ideas with an on-line community.


Week 1: Panel Shade

Author: Helen

Week 1 (March 8) Panel shade: Construct a pattern and cover a wire framed shade panel by panel. The skills you acquire can be applied to covering other types of armatures.

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Week 2: Wraparound Shade

Author: Helen

Week 2 (March 15) Wraparound Shade: Apply paper to a rigid backing material and then join the arc shape to a top and bottom ring. Use the techniques you learn to re-cover existing shades, garage sale or antique store finds.

Week 3: Mini Shoji Screen

Author: Helen

Week 3 (March 22) Mini Shoji Screen: Create a lattice framework using balsa wood and back it with paper. Connect panels with a clever Japanese hinge that is reversible. This structure can be converted into a box-shaped lantern or adapted into other forms by creating additional panels.